Tara Malouf


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Tara Malouf, Central NJ Medium-International Psychic, Spirit Medium - began her spiritual journey at a young age. Gifted since childhood, Tara is able to see into the past, present and future. The messages received from spirit will be very specific on all areas of your life. Tara has the ability to channel spirit and has been receiving clear and specific messages from the other side for over twenty years. As a Reiki and Akashic Records healer and healer- massage therapist, she uses her abilities to channel healing and receives medial information by simply reading for her clients. She teaches classes and workshops throughout the Tri-State area and has done readings for folks around the world!
The Akashic Records are an amazing tool for self-exploration and healing. For the answers that you seek are written in your book of life. Every time you get a reading in the Akashic, there are new answers and messages for you, to guide you on your soul’s journey. You can find her radio show on Blog Talk Radio.
Book today- for your full reading, as well as host a Psychic Party (Tarot or private readings) or Medium Gallery Reading, hostess is always complimentary! Great for fundraising, showers- all occasions large or small. Contact me today!

Tele: 732-951-9271 Website: www.TaraMalouf.com 


Massage Bio: Tara Malouf,  has been an energy light worker and massage therapist in Central New Jersey, since Graduating from the School of Body Therapies in Yardley, PA in 1994. -Tara has placed emphasis on healing through mind; body and spirit by combining her many massage modalities with Reiki, hypnotherapy and energy work in her Kendall Park NJ office. She has been an Ordained Spiritual Minister (2006) and a Reiki Master (2007), teaching all levels of Reiki -since then. Most recently Tara has obtained a certification in Complementary and Alternative Therapies from Mercer Community College (2012). For over five years, Tara has been a teacher of massage therapy in the post-secondary education arena and has recently been teaching Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Technique and Intermediate and Advanced Massage therapy at several central New Jersey Massage Therapy Schools. She facilitates workshops on many mind, body, and spirit classes throughout the tri-state area. It is through her work in energy work, guided meditation and hypnosis classes, that Tara has become an spiritual and health coach. 


Some of the modalities available for private somatic and massage therapy (besides her specialty of energy work), is hospice cancer massage, hot rocks, aromatherapy massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage and prenatal massage. Her work has allowed her to work with Princeton University and Rutgers Students, Princeton Cyclist, and Trenton Thunder sports massage events, just to name a few. Her range of services allows her to have something to offer everyone and sees clients of all ages! Tara is excited to be facilitating workshops throughout the Tri-State NYC NJ area.